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Scheduling & Orders

We sure can! Our reporter network is vast and reliable. No time to wait, email calendar@firstlegal.com now!

First Legal works with the best Certified Stenographic Reporters (CSR) in the nation. Our reporters include Certified Realtime Reporters (CRR), Registered Professional Reporters (RMR), Registered Merit Reporters (RMR), Registered Diplomate Reporters (RDR), and more! Looking for a specific reporter? Tell us who!

All areas! Our reporters work nationally and internationally.

Email calendar@firstlegal.com. Include your job number or the case name and date of your deposition.

All requests can come straight to calendar@firstlegal.com. Be sure to include a depo notice or case caption to cut your time in half! You can also use our portal to schedule. Want to learn more about the portal? Email us to set up your account!

Client Portal

Shoot us an email at calendar@firstlegal.com and we will set up your secure credentials for you. One-time setup for long-term convenience!

Our portal is a document repository, calendar, scheduling platform, and billing portal all in one! On the portal you can: schedule a job; make changes to a job; see and download all transcripts, exhibits, and invoices; view your calendar; upload documents to your job or case; and more. Email us to set up your account!

Deposition transcripts show up direct to your inbox in 10 business days. Our reporters really know how to hustle!

We provide a wide range of file types from ascii txt files, to pdf, PTX, LEF, and more. Curious about a specific need? Email us and ask!

All our files are securely stored for at least 7 years. Curious about our security standards? Click here to read more.

Remote Proceedings

You are not the only one with this question! Download our remote depo primer HERE.

Having a technician is best practice for a remote proceeding. Murphy’s Law says something will go wrong. Having real-time tech support on standby during your proceeding will prevent technical delays and make you look super polished in front of your client.
Technically, you can. But it’s not recommended. Legal videographers know how to securely go on and off the record to ensure no off-the-record conversation is included in your video. Additionally, videographers can ensure high-quality, witness-only, time-stamped and synced videos. Lastly, don’t give opposing counsel any reason to question testimony! Having a secure and neutral third party administering your recording is the best way to ensure admissibility of your video.
Every court handles this differently. Regardless of the platform- Court Call, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc. – sending us the court’s secure appearance information will ensure our experienced reporters log on without a hitch!

Anywhere! We offer national and international conference room & suite solutions.

It’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic has made the logistics of an in-person proceeding more difficult. But there are plenty of conference rooms and suites available that allow for safe distancing. Email us your job details and we’ll get started finding you the perfect, safe location! You can also ask us about our customized, hybrid remote and in-person meeting options.
Let us count the ways! We try to make your lives as easy as possible. Pay by check, credit card or ACH. Email us for more details!
Depends on what you’re cancelling. We will never charge you a late cancellation on an administrative service (like a remote link). But, if you are cancelling a human resource (reporter, videographer, interpreter, or technician), we ask that you help accommodate for their lost work. Generally speaking, reporters, videographers, and technicians have an afternoon the business day before cancellation window, and interpreters are 48 business hours. Email us for more details!

First Legal prides ourselves on our flexibility; we work with clients all the time to accommodate special needs and requests. Email calendar@firstlegal.com to set up your billing preferences today!

Typically, we request standard payment terms. But we work with clients all the time to accommodate special needs and requests. Email calendar@firstlegal.com to ask us about deferment plans today!

For Reporters
Whether you’ve been reporting for 30+ years, or just graduated recently (congrats!) we want to get to know you! Shoot us an email to resourcecal@firstlegal.com to introduce yourself to our Calendar team. You can include things like: certifications, CV, job preferences, rate sheets, etc. There is so much to learn about each other, let’s start the relationship as soon as possible! Want us to reach out to you? Enter your information here and we’ll reach out to you shortly!

Let us count the ways! We try to make it easy for you to focus on what you do best- reporting- which means we don’t dictate or micromanage the administrative part of your job. We know you each have your own preferences, so we stay flexible to accommodate you. We have a portal for submission. Want to use it? Email us to set up your account! Don’t want to use it? You can always send in your transcripts and exhibits by email to Production@firstegal.com. Prefer snail mail? Send exhibits to:

First Legal Depositions, 1517 W. Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

We love referrals! There’s no better recommendation than word of mouth. Enter your friends’ information here and get a coffee gift card! There’s no limit to how many friends you can introduce to First Legal!

Sign up for our Reporter newsletter by sending an email to resourcecal@firstlegal.com. Once added to the list, you will learn more about being a reporter with First Legal and how to participate in fun things like our monthly Reporter Raffle!